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The SoWell Health Way of Eating


90% of Dr. Sowa’s patients see long-term success with the eating strategies shared in this book. Now it’s your...Read More

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Say goodbye to calorie counting, miserable measuring, and skimpy portions. It’s time to learn how to cook and prep food that supports your health goals without the overwhelm or restriction of dieting. 

This digital ebook contains the eating strategies Dr. Alexandra Sowa uses in her obesity medicine practice to help 90% of her patients lose at least 10% of their body weight and keep it off.

The reason this way of eating works is because it teaches you foundations, not rules and strict meal plans. It will take dedication from you to apply these foundations to yourunique lifestyle and circumstances, but we promise it will be worth it!

A sneak peek at the food foundations 

Eat Whole Foods

You’ll get a full list of pantry basics so you know what to keep stocked for simple food prep. 

Focus on Macronutrients

There’s no calorie counting here, but we will help you balance the three macronutrients—fat, protein, and carbs—to reach your goals.

Tailored for Your Life

No two people are going to eat the same thing every day! These foundations teach you how to build meals that work for you

Get Back to Basics

Drink water and eat your vegetables! You’ve heard it before, but we’re here to remind you that the basics make a big difference. 

Three ways to practically apply the food foundations to your everyday life

Chapters you’ll come back to time and time again