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Meal Planning for Busy People


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    For some people, a healthy weight and healthy labs seem to come somewhat naturally. The rest of us need to put a little more effort in, but it really doesn’t have to be as hard as you’ve probably been led to believe. 

    One of the foundational habits that is life-changing for Dr. Sowa’s patients is meal planning. If you’ve ever dieted, the idea of meal planning might invoke a viscerally negative emotion for you—but it really can be a freeing habit when approached the right way. Here’s how to start meal planning, even if the very idea freaks you out!

    Step 1: Get in the Right Mindset 

    You might relate to many of Dr. Sowa’s patients who look at the mere suggestion of meal planning and start mentally shutting down. But if you can come at this from an open mind, we promise we don’t mean meal planning in the way that diet culture may have taught you. 

    It’s all about starting from a place of emotional neutrality about food and what you eat. Meal planning is not about eating perfectly or even following your plan exactly! It’s about giving yourself a starting place that will free you from worrying about what to eat next. 

    In the same way you plan a vacation itinerary or think about what you'll wear to an event, you can plan your meals for the week ahead to help your life run more smoothly.  

    Meal planning is a life hack that can help you overcome food noise. By answering the question, " What will I eat later?” you’ll free up brain space for other things.  The key? Emotional neutrality! 

    Step 2: Pick a Time to Plan

    Grab your calendar and block off a time once a week (for most people, it’s a weekend day) to review the week ahead and plan out all the meals for you and anyone else you cook for.

    Also, make sure to schedule time for grocery shopping! Some people find it helpful to meal plan and immediately head to the store afterward. 

    Step 3: Write It Out 

    Don’t overthink it! The secret to effective meal planning is selecting healthy options that support your weight goals and align with your life.

    What do you have going on for the next seven days? When do you have time to cook? When will you be eating out? What’s going on with the rest of your family? 

    Be realistic about what you’ll eat and when you have time to cook. Again, this isn’t about following the “perfect” plan, it’s about making better choices than you would have otherwise. 

    Write down each breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options for the week ahead. You can use our weekly meal planner tool to help

    Need Extra Support? 

    Making major lifestyle changes—yes, meal planning is a big lifestyle change!—is hard work. If you’re someone who thinks you would benefit from making these changes with a little extra help, you can apply to work with Dr. Sowa directly to help you implement these changes and lose weight with the help of GLP-1 medication. Apply to SoWell’s Virtual Weight Clinic here


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