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Can I purchase lab kits in every U.S. state or internationally?

Our lab kits are available in every U.S. state except New York. They are not currently available internationally. If you’d like to be notified when our lab kit becomes available in your area, please let us know at

How do I view my Weight Biology Kit results?

Once your results are released from the lab, you will receive an email notification. At that time, please log into your SoWell Health Portal to view your results.

How long will it take to get my results?

After the lab has received your sample, your results will be available online within 7 business days.

What is SoWell Health's refund policy?

We are unable to accept any returns nor issue any refunds at this time due to the health and safety regulations in place.

Can I become a patient at Dr. Sowa's medical practice?

If you are interested in working with Dr. Sowa, apply to our Reset Your Weight Biology Program.

Can I use my HSA or FSA benefits to pay for supplements?

We have partnered with Truemed so that you can use your HSA/FSA funds on the purchase of your supplements. We encourage you to check with your individual plan for specific questions related to coverage and reimbursement.