How Active Are You? Take Our Activity & Lifestyle Assessment to Find Out

How Active Are You?

Your activity plays an important role in your mental and physical health. Regular exercise can help you manage your weight, prevent disease, get better sleep, improve your mood, and more. Exercise isn’t necessary for weight loss, but it does help improve your cardiovascular health and increase the amount of calories your body burns each day–making it easier to lose weight.

Taking this Activity & Lifestyle Assessment is a great first step towards understanding your average activity level and how it impacts your mental and emotional well being. This assessment is not meant to be diagnostic, but can be used in conversations with your medical team to help identify easy ways you can increase your daily activity and exercise.

Don’t be discouraged if exercise isn’t currently a part of your routine — making regular activity an enjoyable part of your everyday life may be easier than you think. Check out our blog for tips, tricks, and advice that can help you get moving.