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How to Take Your Blood Sample

So you received your Weight Biology Kit and are ready to to take your sample? Check out this article to learn everything you need to know to get started.

It’s important when taking your blood sample for the Weight Biology to pay close attention to our instructions. Did you know that 10% of blood samples end up being rejected due to simple mistakes like not filling up your card entirely or not letting your sample dry completely?

Simply follow the instructions provided to you in your Weight Biology Kit or read the article below to ensure your sample is taken correctly:


Register Your Kit

Before you get started taking your blood sample, you can make sure your kit is properly registered by following the instructions provided in your Weight Biology Kit or by checking out our my detailed article here. Registering your kit is extremely important, it allows is to ensure that you receive the appropriate results.


Prepare 24 Hours in Advance to Take Your Sample

For our Weight Biology Kit, your sample must be collected on an empty stomach before 10 AM. You need to make sure you have not consumed any food or beverages, with the exception of water, tea, or coffee (served black), in order to ensure your test results are accurate. Plan well in advance to make sure you are able to properly fast. It’s also important to continue to drink water throughout your fast so that you are properly hydrated and your blood flows efficiently for collection.

Check out the video above for tips from Dr. Alexandra Sowa on how to safely and accurately take your own blood sample at home.

Steps for Collecting Your Blood Sample

1. Place the blood collection card on a clean, dry surface. Write your name, date of birth, and date of sample collection on the designated lines at the bottom of the card. Be sure to use a ballpoint pen, so the ink does not smudge.

2. Wash your hands with warm water and air dry completely. Then, rub your hands together until they are warm to increase blood flow.

3. Unwrap the gauze dressing and bandage and set them aside.

4. Open the alcohol pad and clean the tip of your ring or middle finger on your non-dominant hand. Let your finger air dry for 10 seconds.

5. Twist the blue cap on the lancet and pull to remove the protective tip.

6. Holding the lancet in your dominant hand, place the tip of the lancet slightly off center against the bottom pad of the finger you sterilized on your non-dominant hand. Make sure the “BD” on the white end of the lancet is right side up.

7. Press firmly against the sample site and hold it steady until you hear a click. Release after 1-2 seconds. The needle will automatically retract into the body of the device.

8. Stretch your arm down towards the table and position it so that drops of blood can freely fall onto the box located on the left hand side of the card. Make sure your finger does not touch the card!

9. Let 4-6 large droplets of blood fall into the box on the left hand side of the card until the blood spreads past the first line located in the box on the right. It may take several minutes to get enough blood. Try massaging from the base to the tip of your finger with your other hand to produce more blood flow. Do not touch the area that you pricked.

10. If you were not able to fill up the card with one prick, repeat the steps above using the extra lancet on a different finger.

11. Repeat steps 1-10 for the second blood collection card in your kit. You must fill both blood collection cards in order to get your lab results.

12. After you’ve finished collecting your samples, apply pressure with the gauze dressing and then apply the bandage.

13. Place the used lancets and gauze in the biohazard bag and discard.


Prepare Your Sample for Shipping

After you take your blood sample, it is very important to let the collection cards dry for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, tear open the return foil pouches. Do not remove any of the contents inside. Place one card inside each of the bags and seal.

Place the return foil pouches into the bubble lined mailer with the shipping label. You can drop off the mailer at your nearest USPS box or location the same day as collection. Don’t worry if your finger is sore after collecting your sample. It’s normal! It will go away within a few days.

After you follow the above steps, you’re all set! Relax and wait as our labs process your sample. You’ll get an email from us when your results are ready for review.


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