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Transform Your Eating Habits in 7 Days

No matter what your goals are, meal planning has tons of benefits. Whether you’re cooking for one or more, planning weekly meals is a good place to start evaluating and improving your eating choices and reduce decision fatigue. By answering the dreaded “What am I (we) having for dinner?,” in advance, you’ll save yourself time, money, and stress all while staying the course on your journey to improving your health.  


Make it a fun family activity so everyone has their day to enjoy their favorite meal. Another fun tip, thumb through a favorite cookbook to help eliminate falling into eating the same dishes.  Some of the meals will be healthier than others, but because you’re cooking at home you have total control.


To start, grab a pen and paper, and list your favorite meals or download our free 7 Day Meal Planner to help you plan ahead. It can help you plan your upcoming meals to meet your weight goals and serve as a grocery list so you don’t steer off course. 


A time saving tip to remember, don’t stress about recipe serving sizes. Get in the habit of bulk or batch cooking and freezing the leftovers. Now you’ve got meals for up to a month and there’s no additional work like shopping, prepping, or cooking involved!


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