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Unless you’re the doctor ordering the labs, it’s usually a hassle for the average American to get their labs routinely checked. Oftentimes, that means empowering dietitians, nutritionists, health practitioners and coaches to better serve their own clientele. The Weight Biology Kit eliminates the headache making metabolic testing accessible to everyone. 

Most people who struggle to manage their weight have something on the inside that’s impacting their outside. The Weight Biology Kit tests 8 biomarkers to identify biological roadblocks that are hindering your client or patient’s metabolism so you can build a program that works with their body, not against it. Helping people understand what’s impacting their outside, gain health and prevent disease through personalized, evidence-based care is what the Weight Biology Kit was created for. 

Avoid the headache of negotiating with primary care offices to get your clients the testing they need without the headache of the excessive documentation, bureaucracy, and other barriers that are standard in the healthcare industry today.

For more information on how we can help you tailor your program, click here.

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