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Unlock your weight biology.

Doing everything right but still not losing weight? Our kit helps you discover and monitor the metabolic factors affecting your weight. We’ll dive deeper into how these biomarkers are interconnected and share personalized steps to get well.

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Metabolic Health

Understand Your Biology

If you’re feeling unwell and can’t figure out why, you may be suffering from metabolic dysfunction. Your metabolic health affects everything—from weight to female cycles to mood and more. That’s why we created at-home lab kits to uncover markers for this common condition. Because when you understand what’s happening in your body at a cellular level, you can transform your health from the inside out.

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A Note From Our Founder

From Private Practice to Your Home

“In my medical practice the first step to assessing my patient’s metabolic health is to uncover their unique biomarkers. Then after reviewing their labs with my specialized training, we can create the path to better health. We created the lab kits and online portal to give you this same experience in the comfort of your own home.”

– Alexandra Sowa, MD, MA

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